colonial wrongs

how can you have a harmonious multicultural society that has been placed precariously upon a foundation that is out of skew because its colonial wrongs have never been righted? The ethical dilemma being communicated to me was actually this: how can Māori ensure the well-being of all those who live in their lands (their duty as tangata whenua) if they are not able to be meaningful partners – at least! – in the governance of those lands?

– Robbie Shilliam,



If you are not listening, not exposing yourself to unfamiliar perspectives, not watching videos, not engaging in conversation, then you are perpetuating white privilege and white supremacy. It is exactly your ability to not hear, to ignore the situation, that is a mark of your privilege.

– Julia Blount


When white dudes even slightly deviate from their expected levels the anti-social superiority complex called patriarchy they become the patron saints of progress. But this is the norm. White men are taught they can do anything from birth. The world shows and confirms this for them daily. This universe of possibility of which white boys are instilled frames the devastating low bar we apply to their “work.” If we want to ignore their lack of criminalization (despite their openly terroristic tendencies), insatiable greed of space, (both physically and culturally), we have a weird faction of white men who maybe aren’t “the worst”. The Jon Stewarts, The Tim Wises, The Justin Timberlakes – white men who directly profit from Black folk.

— Jayy Dodd,